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My name is Karen Gaylord, owner of Southpaw Pet Care, LLC located in Sherwood, Oregon.

I grew up with Labrador retrievers during my childhood which ignited my passion for the pawed ones.  There was a dog in every photo taken by my parents, some even included me.

Since 2007, my family and I have been heavily involved in animal rescue.  Currently I hold a Vice President Board position with Pacific Animal Society.  This is a local, all volunteer, foster home based animal rescue.  We have fostered over 50 dogs during our time in rescue and in that time I have gained priceless experience with dogs that have come from all levels of neglect or abuse.  

After spending 25 years in the health insurance industry, it was time for a change. In late 2015, I resigned from my position as an Account Executive to pursue my true passion.  

The animals in our lives are as important to us as we are to them.  Making sure they are exceedingly well cared for is my only goal. 

My company is insured and I am certified in pet first aid and CPR with PetTech.

I hope I get to meet you and your pet soon!

Professional, Passionate and Reliable

Pet History:

KC – Maine Coon Cat

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KC stood for Karen’s Cat.  He was a rescue from the Washington County shelter.  He loved the rain and he gave hugs when you would come home for the day.  I lost him in 1998.

Hercules – Yellow Labrador

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I got Hercules when he was 8 weeks old.  He grew up to be 90 lbs of pure love.  Hercules passed away in early 2010 at the age of 11.  I miss him everyday!

Ares – Shiba Inu

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Ares is still with us at 14 ½ years old.  He was a rescue from a friend who could no longer keep him. He has a lot of personality.  Over the last couple of years he developed glaucoma and is now completely blind.  His hearing is going too, but I do think at times it is selective.  



Roxy is 7.  She came to us as a foster dog through a rescue.  She had been neglected and hit by a car in her past life.  We have had her for over 5 years now.  She has since gained confidence and is a very happy girl.  However this does label us as “foster failures” because we kept her, and are so glad we did.

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